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Finding Rhythm

Here are the last few holiday pictures from our trip. An evening walk around York city walls, family visits in Glasgow, and a visit to Loch Lomond. The most entertaining ones are of Bean and her second cousins – twins born just the day before she was – meeting and playing together for the first time. She wasn’t entirely sure what to make of these other small people at first, who fearlessly took toys from her (which she then took back) and crawled around, over, and into each other with cheerful abandon. By the end of the visit, though, she was genuinely excited to see them in the morning and after naps, trading food and germs and toys like babies do. 

We’ve been home for just over a week now, and after the first few rough nights of jet-lagged sleep and discombobulated days, we’ve been working on finding new rhythms and settling into our home in Nanaimo. I think that Bean has been suffering excitement-withdrawal, as we suddenly went from adventuring through train stations and airports, meeting new people and playing with new toys, and being carried or held most of the day, to slow days of unpacking and organizing, old toys, and no new people (and parents who expected her to be able to play by herself at times – what a joke!). Still, it’s getting better bit by bit. The newest challenge has been undoing all the bad sleep habits from traveling. Sorry Babe, Mum just isn’t up for nursing you back to sleep two or three times a night anymore, especially now that you are almost one…

She makes up for the rough nights by being ever cuter day by day, though. Especially now that her hair is growing into little “wings” behind her ears and she’s walking tentatively around! My talented mom sewed that little pink romper when my sister was a baby…it’s so special to use it for her grandbaby now.  


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