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We Made It! 

So far, so good, out here in the wilds of Iceland. Christopher, Bean, and I are traveling here for two weeks with good friends Daniel and Alanna. We arrived in Reykjavik on Tuesday morning, and spent most of the day sleeping at our AirBnb rental before heading out for lobster soup and grilled fish in the old harbour. Then, of course, everyone got up at two that morning and spent a few hours hanging out, playing cards, and eating snacks until going back to bed around 430.

We’re crazy enough to go camping with a baby in Canada and the States, so we didn’t worry about it being all that different in Iceland. The only downside has been the constant daylight – even midnight looks like it could be about 7 pm back home – that kept us up the first few nights in our tent. I think we’ve made good on the transition, though, since last night everyone slept pretty much the whole night long (including Bean! I was so grateful). Midnight waking aside, she’s been doing reasonably well with all the travel chaos. She did catch a bug (possibly from the municipal pool in Stykkisholmur) so she’s now a snot-dripping faucet. 

We just finished driving around the Westfjords, wild-camping most of the way, and have made it to Siglofjordur, on the Trollskagi Peninsula in northern Iceland. Among the sights we’ve seen were a Saga museum, the Snaefellesnes Peninsula (where Jules Verne set his Journey to the Center of the Earth), turf houses, the Arctic Fox Research Station, the oldest church in Iceland, the Dynjandi waterfall (among many other waterfalls), and a lot of fjords and farms. (We stopped keeping track of how many fjords we’d driven around after about 20). Daniel has taken several opportunities to fish off the shore, and caught a rockfish which we all sampled for breakfast one morning. Alanna has been keeping us well-fed with shrimp tikka masala, butter chicken, beans and rice, and red curry. Oh, and the amazing seafood soup that you can find in any cafe or restaurant, it seems. 

Akureryi tomorrow, and then Myvatn, with all its crazy geology and hot pots. We’ve had five wonderful days of sun and cloud, no rain, which has been an incredible gift. Now we have fewer camping nights and more AirBnbs, so the rain won’t matter as much to our overall happiness index. Until next time 🙂 


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