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Living By Moments 

Oh man, it’s been so long since I posted anything. It’s definitely been a runabout few weeks, with our camping trip in Oregon, a wedding in Esperanza, multiple trips to Nanaimo to move our stuff up, and Christopher’s five different graduation events in both Victoria and Vancouver. These last few weeks have been a little hard for me, not due to any one thing but rather due to all the things being back to back. I think I’ve finally used up all the zippy energy I had in the fall when we were moving around so much and reinventing life every few weeks. I’m definitely done with not being settled anywhere, for the time being. Other unforeseen factors have made this month a little more crazy than expected – like getting fleas from those couches we bought second-hand and having to deal with them between all these other things…eugh.  I am finding in these days that the best thing for me to do is focus on today, and when even that gets too overwhelming because of the list of things still to do, I’m living in the immediate present, the right-now. I’ve given up all executive travel planning responsibilities to Christopher, which has been a very good decision. I’m aiming for survival over the next few weeks of travel, and know that thriving will come later, when we’re fully settled in Nanaimo and are able to form some life-giving rhythms.

All this moving around, catching ferries and hanging out in other people’s houses have given Bean lots of opportunities to practice her standing, so much that now she condidently unfolds herself from downward dog position into a wide-legged stand without any help. The downside of all this independent motion is that during fancy events like UBC Congregation ceremonies all she wants to do is crawl around and climb stairs and sometimes stand up and clap and yell in the quiet moments. She’s been a trooper, really, putting up with all this chaos. Like waiting until 9 pm one night to eat take-out Indian food for dinner, or being dragged around on endless errands around town, in and out of the car seat every five minutes. 

All this being said, it was such a proud moment to see Christopher graduate, worth every minute of fussy baby and travel weariness. He has worked so incredibly hard for this degree, being stretched and tested in myriad different ways, and has grown into an ever more humble, caring, thoughtful man. It was at the last event, as he stood with his classmates and took the Hippocratic Oath, that my eyes filled up with tears at the gravity of it all. By God’s grace, we made it this far. 

Most of these photos are from our camping trip in Northern California and Oregon – Nehalem State Park was definitely my favourite place, but everything was beautiful. 



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