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Making Mischief


Oh my child, you are a constant source of amusement. As Bean grows more confident in her abilities to move around and get up on things, her capacity for mischief grows also…all the photos above were taken in a very short span of time, as I was packing up our little Duncan house at the end of April.

Last week was quite busy and I didn’t really feel motivated to post here, between Christopher studying for one more exam and me driving our boxes up to Nanaimo, and catching up with friends and family in Victoria, I didn’t have the mental energy to write anything. It does seem a little appropriate that the month we get the keys to our apartment for the next two years is the month we spend the least time in one place…we do it to ourselves, however, so it’s not that I’m complaining!

We stayed at Christopher’s aunt Margaret’s home, where Bean thoroughly enjoyed the collection of toys and climbing the stairs every chance she could. Christopher’s parents were in town for the weekend, and we had a big family brunch including a walk through Uplands Park on Camas Day, celebrating the native plant in its abundance! Uncle Don visited for a day, and we had some various adventures to do with NOT getting people to ferries on time… We’ve just now come back from a friend’s beautiful wedding in Esperanza, past Gold River on Vancouver Island, and are bouncing off our Nanaimo home to make a little road trip south. Here’s to adventures!




2 thoughts on “Making Mischief

  1. What an adorable Bean you have indeed! I read your blog but I’m not sure I’ve ever left a comment. Thanks for sharing a bit of your lives via your blog. Warm greetings from Atlanta!

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