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Yarn Along: Hello Friendly Sweater


Yippee! I finished the edging on my Cranberry Pine sweater yesterday, and wove in all the ends right away because if I don’t do it immediately it takes me forever to work up the motivation afterwards…and it’s done!!  Well, it needs buttons and some blocking, especially to even out the edging along the front and stretch the sleeves a bit, but it’s so close! There’s four months of serious work in this sweater. I have my eye on a Puerperium Cardigan next, but haven’t started it officially yet. I just need to take a day to bask in the satisfaction of this long labour of love. Still reading the Portrait of a Lady…but have my eye on my next book. I like to knit and read the same way: omnivorously.

More Yarn Along projects and books on Ginny’s blog, as always.

(PS – haircut! I got bangs. As someone with a baby and with a strong aversion to hair dryers and fussiness in general, is this a good idea? Only time will tell…but I kind of love them.)


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