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Drinking It In


We’ve had some beautiful days this week. They are invitations to stop and be present, drink in the moment.(And take spontaneous walks that end up in cold April swims). There’s a particular smell that I call “hot green smell”, because it’s what you smell when walking in a field or forest that is sun-warmed and just radiating scent from every leaf and flower. Tuesday was just hot enough for that, in certain aspects, where the hot green smell sneaked in among the rusty smell of decaying evergreen needles and leaf litter on the slope above Lake Cowichan.

Wednesday we were even more adventurous, taking a surprisingly brisk but not frigid swim in the Cowichan River, just a kilometre or so up from where we are living this month. Isn’t the water a marvellous colour? It looks like it should be in a tropical vista. We rounded out the week with a visit to Victoria (yay Aunties!) and to the Emandare Vineyard nearby to Duncan, where friends Mike and Robin pursue their passion for wine with skill and grace.

We’ve really come to appreciate the secret beauty of the Cowichan Valley. Driving through Duncan on the highway, all you see are big box stores and strip malls. Three minutes away in any direction, and you’ll find a quaint downtown, stunning riverside walks, wineries, rural family farms, and more. (I sound like a tourist brochure right now.) But seriously, we are surrounded by richness, of natural beauty and friendly people.

I hear from my eastern correspondents that the weather has been lovely out there as well! I hope you are finding small ways to stop, drink it in, and anticipate the coming summer.



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