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Yarn Along: Just In Time

  Ack! I joined the arms to the body of my Cranberry Pine sweater last week and now every row is bringing me closer to the end. I’m doing the raglan decreases now, and then I will bind off and pick up stitches for the border all the way around the front edge. It’s amazing to see it take shape now – I am very excited!! I had been planning on taking a break from the sweater and work on some baby projects, but I’m so close that I just want to power through and delay the baby knits until afterwards. I hope to finish it within the month…just in time for summer…so I guess I will end up waiting until the fall before getting any use out of it! One frustration is that I seem to have knit my arms a little tighter than the body of the sweater, so they have less give than I would like. Is that something that can be eased a bit with blocking? In any case, I don’t think I’ll be wearing any bulky shirts underneath this sweater. Still reading The Portrait of a Lady. I remember loving the independent streak of Isabel Archer’s character the first time I read it, but this time around I am frustrated by her willfulness and presumption, and want to warn her not to trust Madame Merle so completely. 

More Yarn Along projects and pictures on Ginny’s blog here! 


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