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Quiet Days


Even though this past year has been so crazy in many ways, with all the moving around and un-rooted state of our family, in some ways it has been an incredible blessing. Because we’ve been living in places that are short-term rentals, and  we aren’t settled enough to make lots of regular commitments or activities outside the home, the focus of this season has been time spent together, as a family. It’s not something we planned, it’s just that when you haven’t got community and friends to visit, you end up hanging out together, alone, a lot. Transitioning to parenthood and all the new demands that baby places on our time and energy has been a lot less complicated, I think, because we’ve been on the move. Everything is sort of stripped down to bare essentials.

So we’ve played a lot of Carcassonne this month, testing different strategies and starting plays, to the point that we can play a quick game after dinner in the ten minutes it takes the Bean to mash the remaining food on her tray and put it in her hair. (She knows how to have fun.) The planner in me even had to spend a good hour one day putting all the pieces together to see if they could make a perfectly complete board…answer: they do, but only if you use the river expansion.

My birthday was just such another quiet day – perfect in every way. We had a slow-roll morning, complete with Carcassonne (with an enthusiastic albeit unhelpful teammate) then went for a hike out by Maple Mountain, along the coast that looks over the Samsun narrows to Salt Spring Island. Of course, it wouldn’t be a really good adventure without some mishaps…we got to Graves Point and decided to take a swim, I scraped up my hands climbing out on the barnacle-covered rocks, Baby Bean was tired and teething, we realized we were going to be late for Christopher going to work, so we raced back with Bean crying her little heart out bumping along in the carrier, until she finally fell asleep on the massive final uphill back to the car. Whew! After Christopher left for work, our host here brought me over a little cake, which was so thoughtful of her, and very delicious. I’ll have to get the recipe from her!


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