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Yarn Along: On and On


Hooray! I am inches away from being able to take up the body of my Cranberry Pine sweater and join my sleeves to it. Now will be the test of all my counting and measuring. I did make my sleeves quite a bit longer than the pattern (I am tall and have relatively long arms) but now I’m worried I made them too long! I suppose I can always roll them up at the wrists if they are too long, but can’t do much about it if they are too short. That’s what I’m comforting myself with, at least. And I found my book (it was, appropriately, stashed in my knitting bag) and am once again drinking in Isabel Archer and her big dreams. 

What are you reading right now? Do you have any knitting or other creative projects? You can find the whole list of other Yarn Along participants on Ginny’s blog here. 


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