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Ferries and Family


Probably the biggest theme of this past week has been the new and improved mobile Bean. Capable of eating every twig and leaf in the garden in the three seconds my back is turned, or pulling all of the onions out from their shelf and scattering them across the floor, or chasing down the long-suffering cat at Christopher’s cousin’s house. And she giggles while she goes, as if she is aware of how mischievous she is being…

On the weekend we ferried over to Bowen Island to visit Christopher’s cousin and his family. It was a long-overdue visit, and we are so glad to have had the chance to go. Although Bowen isn’t very far away, taking barely longer than a trip to Vancouver, it seems like a much greater distance in the mind…the two-ferry coordination might have something to do with it. Thankfully it was a sunny weekend, so the wait times in Horseshoe Bay were very pleasant. And I finally got to eat at the famous Snug Cafe on Bowen, which made me very pleased indeed!

I am loving this small little cabin! We sleep in the loft, which feels like a treefort getaway, with a sweet little window onto the backyard. It looks like a rainier few days coming up, and I am looking forward to sleeping with the rain drumming above.

April is nearly half-way over! Time seems to flow too quickly right now, and yet not quickly enough, as we look forward to moving to our apartment in Nanaimo at the beginning of May.


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