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Crafting and the Library (Finally!!)

I finally got my library card sorted out, and I can now put things on hold online. What a thrilling event that is!! All the books, at my fingertips! Browsing the online catalogue is a little less romantic than walking the stacks, and there’s less opportunity for serendipity, but with two small people in tow… Continue reading Crafting and the Library (Finally!!)

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Crafting: Returning to the Needles! 

The knitting needles, that is. I guess my previous frustrations with my City Gym Shorts have given me just the (de)motivation I needed to return to knitting. So now I am swatching for Andrea Mowry’s White Pine sweater! It’s funny, my first sweater for myself, a cardigan, was also a pattern called White Pine. Do… Continue reading Crafting: Returning to the Needles! 

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Adventures, an Anniversary, and Chickens

First, I am sorry for all the chicken photos. But they were all too cute, so I had to include a lot of them. En route to a three-day getaway on the Sunshine Coast (the mainland coast north of Vancouver, accessible only by ferry, for those who may not know), we stopped to see Christopher’s… Continue reading Adventures, an Anniversary, and Chickens

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Feels Like Summer (and a Crafting Roadblock)

It’s been feeling really summery this past week. Christopher’s sister came for a visit and we went for an evening swim at Westwood Lake. We’ve been putting in more of the garden, tomatoes and squash, and all our beans are coming up! It’s so thrilling to see that first pushing up of the soil and… Continue reading Feels Like Summer (and a Crafting Roadblock)

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Fat Souls and All the Projects

Ok, this post is a little all over the place, so bear with me… We’ve been back and forth to Ottawa for my cousin’s wedding and some much-appreciated family time, and with that comes all the requisite kid-crashed-in-all-sorts-of-places photos. What with that trip, a brief overnight trip to Victoria, and Bean finally learning how to… Continue reading Fat Souls and All the Projects